Page 2 - Plumbing World Oasis Catalog Winter 2017
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                                WELCOME TO

                                    2017  / 2018

               So, you’re planning a new

               bathroom or kitchen?

               How exciting!

               In the pages of this catalogue you’ll find the tools you need to design the
               perfect space.

               If you’re just starting out, the planning worksheet on page 5 is the perfect
               place to narrow your options. You’ll find inspiration and advice throughout
               the catalogue to make sure you end up with the bathroom, kitchen or
               laundry space you want.

               You’ll also find top-quality products made by reputable manufacturers, so
               you know they’ll stand the test of time. Plumbing World is a cooperative,
               locally operated and backed by our shareholders—who are also
               plumbers. That means we don’t just sell bathroom and kitchenware
               —we also know what makes a bathroom look great, and work exactly
               how you need it to.

               This catalogue is just your first step—if you need any extra support, our
               friendly team are always available to help, in one of our stores nationwide.

               Plumbing World—your team in black.
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