Page 4 - Plumbing World Oasis Catalog Winter 2017
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                                                               -  Maximise small spaces with
                                                                  wall-hung vanities, sliding shower
                                                                  doors and in-wall cisterns.
               HELPFUL                                         -  Boost storage with a

                                                                  recessed mirror cabinet.
               TIPS                                            -  Give a feeling of space with

                                                                  carefully placed mirrors, or
                                                                  a large picture window.

                                                               -  A shower-over-bath is a sensible
               Creating your perfect                              way to fit everything in.
               bathroom can feel like                          -  Even in cramped conditions, try to

               a huge task—there’s so                             give your toilet enough space.
               much to think about
               to get the look you                             COST-SAVING

               want, within the budget                         -  Save money on plumbing by placing
                                                                  new fixtures in the same place as old.
               you have, with the                              -  Add an affordable touch of luxury to
               functionality you need.                            any bathroom with a heated towel rail.
               With the help of our                            -  Your doors and walls will last

               product experts and                                longer and be easier to care

               shareholders, we’ve                                for with glazing protection.
               put together this                               -  If you’re planning a family bathroom,
                                                                  choose hard-wearing fixtures
               handy list of tips to                              that will stand the test of time.
               help steer you in the                           -  Splurge on one stand-out feature;

               right direction.                                   a luxurious bath or shower, picture
                                                                  window or beautiful mirror for
                                                                  example. This will elevate everything
                                                                  else in your bathroom—even if you’ve
                                                                  chosen much less expensive fixtures.
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