Page 5 - Plumbing World Oasis Catalog Winter 2017
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OASIS 2017 – 2018 / PLANNING

                  KEEP THINGS FUNCTIONAL

                  -  Banish mould and mildew with a
                     shower cap, and by putting an
                     extractor fan near your shower.

                  -  Make accidents and overflows a
                     breeze with a general floor waste.
                  -  Make sure your shower mixer is easily
                     accessible from the shower door.

                  -  Check that your basins and vanities
                     come with a waste and trap.
                  -  Think about lighting and heating
                     —they can make all the difference
                     to how your bathroom performs.

                  DESIGN TIPS

                  -  Add windows and skylights, and
                     angle mirrors to capture natural light.

                  -  Softer lighting will bounce off shiny
                     surfaces to give your bathroom
                     a more luxurious feel.
                  -  Get that magazine-designer
                     look by choosing tapware and
                     fixtures that complement your
                     home’s overall style; match styles,
                     shapes and finishes between
                     bathrooms, laundry and kitchen.
                  -  If you’re choosing products from
                     different brands, check the colour
                     matches—shades can vary.

                  -  Hide the toilet so it’s not in direct
                     line of sight from the doorway
                     —first impressions count!
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