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OASIS 2017 – 2018 / PLANNING


                                                      YOUR PERFECT FIXTURES
                                                      INSTALLED – FAST AND EASY
                                                      DIY might be a Kiwi institution, but some things are better left
                                                      to the professionals.
                                                      With our network of plumbers and gasfitters, we’re pleased to
                                                      offer you our special Do It For Me prices. Just select from our
                                                      products, and we’ll arrange to get them installed. Even better,
                                                      if anything goes wrong, we’ll always be there to fix it fast.
                                                      These prices are for straight replacements—that is, if you’re
                                                      swapping your old toilet, vanity, shower or bath for one that’s
                                                      basically the same size and shape. If your plumber needs to
                                                      move or replace pipework, there will be extra charges.
                                                      INSTALLATION COSTS
                                                      -   Toilet suite from $355*
                                                      -   Basin/sink mixer from $220*
                                                      -   Vanity from $375*
                                                      -   Slide shower from $150*
                                                      -   Waste disposer from $260*
                                                      *See full conditions instore
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