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                              SOPHISTICATED STYLING,

                                      SUPREME QUALITY

                                       Truly timeless style is obvious, even to the untrained eye.
                                       It’s present in the balanced shapes, the subtle twists on
                                       standard designs, and in the absolute commitment to
                                       lasting quality and function.

                                       It’s what sets TOTO apart, and what gives a bathroom
                                       fitted with TOTO products an indefinable feeling of
                                       luxury and quality the moment you step through the door.

                                       Exclusive to Plumbing World in New Zealand, TOTO’s
                                       reputation for unsurpassed style and function has been
                                       created over their 100 years in business. Since 1917 the
                                       brand has manufactured its products using Japanese
                                       production techniques, which are shown time and again
                                       to be amongst the best in the world. Each product is
                                       then rigorously tested to ensure quality.

                                       TOTO’s long history is also due to the company’s
                                       commitment to research and development – they make
                                       ongoing and substantial investment into developing
                                       better, beautiful and functional products for your home.

                                       It’s part of the reason why TOTO is considered a world-
                                       leading brand in bathroom fittings and fixtures, and why
                                       each piece is backed by an impressive warranty.

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