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STANWAY SWAGING                         ROBTEC CUT-OFF WHEEL                    BAILEY PLUNGER BRASS                   BAHCO HACKSAW BLADE
        (CROX) TOOL                                                                     LOCKFAST                               300MM X 32TPI

                                                • Cut-off wheel for stainless
                                        13MM     steel applications
                                     $52        • Size options:                         • Complete with washers                • Fine cutting hacksaw blade
                                                 Ø 100 x 1 x 16mm
                                                                                                                               • Hardened high speed steel with
        • Expand copper tube prior to   19MM     Ø 115 x 1 x 22mm                       • Fitted with solid brass lock    100MM  an alloy steel back for greater   EACH
          joining with Crox fittings   $78       Ø 125 x 1 x 22mm              $3        fast fittings              $18         flexibility              $4.50
        KG13 | KG19                             CO100A16-1MM | CO115A22-1MM  CO125A22-1MM  MM1224                              SVHB32

         STANWAY TUBE EXPANDER                  BAILEY DRAIN ROD                        EVACUT MASONRY DRILL                    MONUMENT AUTO-CUT
                                                                                                                                COPPER PIPE CUTTER

                                                • Manufactured from the highest         • Short length masonry drill for       • Aluminium body
                                                 grade of polypropylene                  use on all forms of masonry           • Compact size
        • Expand copper tube prior to   13MM X 19MM  • Joints are manufactured    22MM X 1200MM   including cement brick and   5.0MM  • One direction cutting  21MM
                                                                              PER ROD
          brazing a joint            $28         from solid brass            $35         similar material         $2.50        • Not for use on stainless steel  $55
        KG1319                                  MM1222-TOO                              PN0500SF                               MM1721

         PLUG                                   TOOL                                                                           BENDER

                                                                                                                               • Suitable for hard and half hard
                                                                                                                                copper tubes with 15mm ID
        • Alloy metal body plugs                                                        Kit includes:                          • Strong alloy bender head and fork
        • Strong rubber ring                                                            • 8x Deep sockets                      • Knurled handles assist grip
        • Fit tightly inside drain pipes for    • Smoothing washer seat for 19mm        • 2x Extension bars                    • Two handles readily separate for
                                         PSI: 7
          pressure testing for leaks   100MM     and 25mm taps                          • Universal joint                       quick loading                  20MM
        • Operating range: 94–110mm max  $45    • Steel body and  T-Bar handle  $100    • Palm sized ratchet handle  $100      • Made in New Zealand      $199
        MM189-100                               MM499                                   PTMT482                                BI20

         CHANNELLOCK TONGUE                     STANWAY PVC CUTTER                      CHANNELLOCK PVC/OIL                    TOPMAN PVC PIPE SAW
         AND GROOVE PLIERS                                                              FILTER PLIERS

                                                                                        • Channellock  combine the                                         240MM SAW
                                                                                         strength and reliability of their                                  $65
        • Built to last with a PermaLock                                                 iconic tongue and groove plier
          fastener eliminating nut and                                                   with the special needs of a large                                  BLADE ONLY
          bolt failure                                                                   PVC filter                 212 12 INCH
        • Reinforcing edge to minimize                                                  • 212 - Jaw capacity:        $69                                    $20
          stress breakage                       • A heavy duty cutting tool for PVC,     63.50mm - 95.25mm                     •  240mm length saw for cutting
        • Laser heat-treated teeth to provide    PE and ABS plastic pipe                • 215 - Jaw capacity:      215 15.5 INCH  PVC and similar pipe material   BLADE ONLY
          a better; longer lasting grip  $58    • Range: 3mm - 42mm          $45         63.50mm - 114.30mm          $79         with ease                  $40
        CH430G                                  HA-PC42                                 CH212G | CH215G                        TM240P | TMXP24 | TMXP30
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