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TRANSNET RECEIVER                       BROMIC OXYSET (MOBILE BRAZING                                                  BROMIC WORTHINGTON
        LOCATOR                                                                                                                HAND TORCH KIT
                                                & WELDING SYSTEM                                                               (WITH 2 BOTTLES)

                                                            FREE BOTTLE OF
                                                            LA-CO COOL GEL
                                                            HEAT BARRIER
                                                            SPRAY (WORTH

                                                                                                                               • Durable carrying case holds two 14.1
                                                                                                                                 oz gas cylinders
                                                                                                                               • Space for solder, flux and accessories,
                                                • Lightweight and portable                                                       Kit Includes: Cast-body aluminium
                                                • Uses disposable gas cylinders                                                  torch, 2 x 14.1 oz torch fuel cylinders,
                                                • Ideal for highly mobile trades people                                          1lb. solder,  8 oz. flux,  4-in-1 brush,
                                                • Good for working in hard to reach areas                                        Solder, accessories & tools not
                                $1,999          • Used for; welding, brazing, silver soldering & heating           $349          included                 $175
        V550-G001-1 / V1.215.01.00001           1811167 *CYLINDERS SOLD SEPARATELY                                             LT92FKB

        BROMIC MAP-PRO GAS                      BROMIC BERNZOMATIC HIGH                                                        BROMIC DIGITAL
        CYLINDER / OXYGEN                                                                                                      MANOMETER
        CYLINDER                                INTENSITY TRIGGER START TORCH KIT

                                                • The TS8000TK torch kit contains: 1 x TS8000 High Intensity Ultra Swirl
                                         GAS     Flame Torch, 1 x 400gm Map-Gas Disposable Cylinder                            • Test ventilation and air conditioning
                                     $18        • High Intensity Ultra Swirl Flame                                             • Record function, stores data
                                                                                                                                 systems or any gas pressure system
                                                • Pressure-Regulated to allow torch to burn in any direction
                                       OXYGEN   • Adjustable flame control, Instant On/Off trigger ignition allows for         • Large dual LCD with backlight
                                     $57         easier lighting                                                   $129        • 11 different units of measure  $169
        1811120 / 1811320                       TS8000TK                                                                       8688951

        EASY ACCESS TRADE SERIES                EASY ACCESS DOUBLE ROPE                 BLACKOUT 5KG PVC ROAD                  BLACKOUT 1.7KG PVC ROAD
        DOUBLE SIDED STEP LADDER                EXTENSION LADDER                        CONE 900MM / EXTENDABLE                CONE 700MM
                                                                                        ROAD CONE BAR 2.2M

                                                                                                             WITH THE        FREE!
                                                                                                             OF FIVE OR        COMPANY
                                                                                                             MORE CONES!       BRANDING

        • Heavy duty ladder feet                                                                                       CONE
        • Non-clogging hinge                    • Side mounted rope                                                  $39
        • Titan tough rivets with extra large   4 STEP   • Triple pulley - easier to lift
          heads for maximum durability  150KG RATED  • Auto engaging height lock  4.1M - 7.2M                           BAR
        • Internal side stay       $149         • Heavy duty feet, ‘D’ Shape rungs  $339                             $15                                    $19
        OXDS04                                  OXEL13                                  RC-LZ201B / RC-BAR-2                   RC-LZ203NR

                                                                                        • EasyRail roof edge protection is available in 4 standard post heights, 1m, 2m,
        EASY ACCESS PACKB FULL GABLE END & 12.0M                                         3m and 4m and these can also be joined using the EasyRail joining spigot
        OF STRAIGHT EASYRAIL EDGE PROTECTION                                            • For installation, the cantilever bracket simply slides up the posts and is
                                                                                         tightened under the eaves
        EASY ACCESS PACKC 6.0M OF                                                       • Using couplers and aluminium tube; base, mid and top rails can be installed
                                                                                         in seconds
        STRAIGHT EASYRAIL EDGE                                                          • EasyRail is the ultimate safe solution for any low level
        PROTECTION                                                                       roof edge protection application
                                                                                        • Platforms may be installed at any height on the EasyRail
                                                                                         posts for access to building fascias (not included
                                                                                         in Pack B and Pack C EasyRail)

        PACK B / PACK C

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