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TOPMAN PVC PIPE SAW                     STANWAY SWAGING                         BAILEY METAL DRAIN TEST                BAILEY DRAIN ROD
                                                (CROX) TOOL                             PLUG

                                    240MM SAW
                                     BLADE ONLY
                                     $20                                        13MM    • Alloy metal body plugs               • Manufactured from the highest
                                                                                        • Strong rubber ring
        • 240mm length saw for cutting                                       $52        • Fit tightly inside drain pipes for    grade of polypropylene
          PVC and similar pipe material   BLADE ONLY  • Expand copper tube prior to   19MM  pressure testing for leaks  PSI: 7   • Joints are manufactured    22MM X 1200MM
                                                                                                                                                              PER ROD
          with ease                              joining with Crox fittings   $78       • Operating range: 94–110mm max  100MM  from solid brass
        TM240P | TMXP24 | TMXP30     $40        KG13 | KG19                             MM189-100                    $44       MM1222-TOO                   $35

         GFB NO2 SQUARE BIT                     PLUMTOOL TAP SOCKET SET                 ESTWING 20OZ CLAW                       MIDWEST LEFT OR RIGHT
                                                                                        HAMMER                                  SNIPS

                                                                                                                               • Left or Right Aviation Snips Made in USA,
        • GFB screwdriver bits are              Kit includes:                           • Curved Claw Solid Steel Hammer       • GLIDE-TECH forged blades
          manufactured to the highest           • 8x Deep sockets                       • The head and handle are fully        • Colour coded handles
          specifications as required by top-    • 2x Extension bars                      polished and forged in one piece      • Cuts wide left, or right curves and straight
          line industries such as Aviation  100MM  • Universal joint                    • Exclusive Shock Reduction Grip       • Bottom blade is serrated      EACH
        • Type: Square #2, Length: 100mm  $4    • Palm sized ratchet handle  $89        • Smooth Face                $75       • Cut Length: 1.1/4 inch (32mm)  $39
        GFB126                                  PTMT482                                 E320C                                  MW6716-L / MW6716-R

         STANWAY COPPER TUBE                    IREGA ADJUSTABLE WRENCH                 CHANNELLOCK TONGUE                     BEARGRIP RIVET TOOL
         BENDER                                                                         GROOVE PLIER

         • Suitable for hard and half hard
          copper tubes with 15mm ID             • Adjustable Wrench Super Wide Opening  • The CHANNELLOCK Straight Jaw
         • Strong alloy bender head and fork    • Chrome Vanadium Steel                  Tongue and Groove Plier built to      • Spring handled riveting tool with
         • Knurled handles assist grip          • Ergo Top ergonomic and replaceable grip  last, reinforcing edge to minimize   3-jaw chuck for increased gripping
         • Two handles readily separate for     • Full handle below the grip             stress breakage and right angle;       power
          quick loading                 20MM    • Non-protruding jaw shank at maximum    laser heat-treated teeth        12"   • Aluminium Rivets: 3mm 4mm 5mm
         • Made in New Zealand     $199          opening                          8"    • 12 inch (300mm)           $39        • Steel Rivets: 2.4mm 3mm 4mm  $49
         BI20                                   IG92SWO-08                   $45        CH440G                                 BG802B

         MORSE PROFESSIONAL                     FISCO BEVEL EDGE RULE                   ZENTEN PVC/                             STANWAY PLUMBERS
         HACKSAW                                                                        TUBE CUTTER                             SHOVEL WOOD HANDLE

                                                                                        • Easy; straight and precise cut with minimal force
                                                                                        • Instant change system
                                                                                        • Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy
                                                                                         die-cast body with stainless steel blades
                                                                                         • Max suitable for use on the following pipes:
                                                                                          PE PP PB PEx MLP/MSR VPE CPVC PVC PVDF
        • Contractors hacksaw fitted with a                                              • Kompact suitable for cutting   26MM MAX
          300mm bi-metal 24 TPI blade                                                     copper and aluminium       $49
        • Light weight rectangular section      • 4-Fold Carpenters ruler made from      • Complete with removable             • A 190mm x 285mm mouth
          frame storage for extra blades   300MM  white nylon with one bevelled   1M      Noga professional reamer  3-35MM KOMPACT  Plumbers shovel with a 1320mm   1320MM
        • Tensioning screw           $35         edge - 5mm/mm graduations   $25         • Spare cutting wheel       $49         length long wood handle    $35
        MRHF04                                  HU59W-18                                ZE5026-1 / ZE7435-1                    TW4410

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