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                Whether you’re planning a

                totally immersive, luxurious

                experience, or something
                more functional to keep

                the whole family squeaky

                clean, there’s nothing

                more rejuvenating than

                a hot shower.

                        LEVIVI CABRIS SQUARE
                          SHOWER ENCLOSURE
                                  900 X 900MM

                                 1000 X 1000MM
                          INCLUDES FREE GLASS SHELVES
                        POLISHED OPTION ALSO AVAILABLE
                               LEVCA9X2WH I LEVCA10X2WH
                                                             If your shower is going to be used
                                                             by lots of people, make sure you
                                                             plan in-shower storage to keep the
                                                             toiletries under control. You may tile
                                                             in an alcove, choose a shower with
                                                             moulded walls, or add shelving.
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