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a plan

            Like any complicated project, it’s always best to start with a plan. You don’t
            have to have all your ideas figured out—you just need to decide on some basic
            parameters around things like your bathroom’s size, usage, style and budget.

            The following will help you and your family get your ideas, preferences
            and expectations down on paper to make decision making far easier!

            1.   Use of your bathroom; how you plan to use your   5.   How big is your bathroom?
               bathroom will help you choose the right fixtures.
                High-traffic area – look for high-quality fixtures
                  in basic designs
                                                              6.   Set your budget; the first step is always to get a quote
                Luxury retreat – splurge on a few key high-end items  from a plumber—they’re generally happy to do that for
                                                                 free. Note down what you think you have to spend.
                Low-use guest bathroom – choose simple,
                  timeless fixtures                           Basic bathrooms, no changes to pipes and waste

                Rental/do up for sale – choose cost effective options    $
                  in fashion-forward designs
                                                              Tiling shower ($5-6k)
             2.  Design style; choose yours.                  $

                Classic                Modern
                                                              Add more for luxury features and fixtures
                  Edgy                   Cottage              $
            3.    Finish; choose the look you’d prefer in your
               tapware and fixtures.                          7.   What heating and ventilation will you need?

                  Silver                 White                      Wall mounted heater      Extractor fan
                  Brass                  Wood look                  Heat lamp             Underfloor heating

                  Chrome                 Stone                      Heated towel rail
                  Brushed steel          Black
            4.   Define your water pressure.

                  Mains pressure         Low/unequal pressure

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