our recruitment

We know recruitment can be daunting that’s why when you apply to join our team we will guarantee your experience will be both positive and professional. 

You may find part of the process is undertaken by SALT Recruitment Agency, who work for both you and us to ensure an outcome that is successful for both parties.

The process you are likely to go through when applying for a job will include an initial phone call from one of the SALT team or the relevant manager asking general questions around your experience, career aspirations and what attracted you to the role. 

If you both agree the match looks promising, you are likely to progress to a formal interview with the relevant manager, followed by a basic personality and basic ability (verbal, numercial and abstract reasoning) psychometric test, finishing with reference checking. 

Once we have this range of information, we consider the overall fit with our culture and the role.  If you are considered to be the preferred applicant, an offer of employment will be discussed verbally and then sent through in writing for you to consider.  If you are unsuccessful with this job, you can expect to receive specific feedback on the gap between what we needed or desired in the role and what you are able to offer us.



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