our induction

Once you are onboard our commitment to your success commences with your induction.

This takes shape in a number of ways:  Initially you can expect to work through a two week planned induction on site, where your manager or an assigned buddy will provide vital information around a range of topics, including health and safety practices and hazards relevant to your role and location.  Furthermore you will receive an induction challenge book to work through, where you will begin to understand our culture, learn some key concepts about our business and systems, meet some key customers and begin the integration into the Plumbing World team.

You can also expect to attend our off site formal induction programme in Palmerston North designed to introduce you to what it means to be part of our world.   Here you will meet a number of our Senior Executive team and colleagues from around the country and experience what we have to offer and the part you play. 

Problem Solving 

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